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Hey, We are Revox,
We do the hard things to drive the future of tomorrow

We are a global digital product & UX agency focusing on new cutting edge technologies of web and mobile. We create disruptive change using best-in-class digital products & ventures.
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Humans and emotions come first. We build technology keeping this in mind!

Technology can be complicated sometimes. It has its own ecosystem, its own language, and it’s just difficult to understand how it works. Some of us humans may not get it easily. This is why our core value is to build an intimate and intricate connection between technology and humans. After all tech is built to help humans.

Our technology is for everyone. Our tech is humanly familiar. This is perhaps what we thrive the most, which makes us different from the other traditional agencies. We care deeply about helping you tackle your most significant challenges and turn your vision into reality, keeping the end-user in mind at all times. With us, it’s never just about the project in hand. It’s about building trust and enabling your long-term success. We will meet you where you are on your journey, integrate our people with yours, and share our skills every step of the way to make the product you envisioned a reality.
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Milestones & Achievements.
Released our first exclusive product Webarch.
This is the milestone par excellence which heralds our accession.
Founded Revox Private Limited.
Incorporated Revox as a business entity in the democratic socialist republic of Sri Lanka
Released Pages Dashboard UI Framework.
An Exclusive UX/UI tool made in hope to uplift the UI/UX in dashboard designs industry.
Made it to the Authors’ Hall of Fame.
Sri Lanka’s first featured Elite author award won from envato themeforest.
Became week’s featured author
Made it to the Themeforest featured authors’ section.
Became Weekly Top Seller.
Had items that are ranked among the weekly top sellers across the entire world marketplace
Expanded to new spaces.
New Office open in Sri Lanka Nugegoda.
Became Part of the $1 Million community earnings milestone
Revox became a part of the $1 million community earning in Envato Themeforest marketplace.
Expanded our teams
Hired more expertise and expanded our team.
Released Kepler - Flagship Product
Released our flagship; A drag n’ drop WordPress Website Builder that showcases our core capabilities.
Introduced our services tiers.
Revox opened up consulting and outsourcing services to help people build more and more digital products.
Opened Game Studio
Revox launched a subsidiary game studio named Rundown Studios.
Expanded fields of expertise
Revox has expanded their expertise in 5 different industries including, Ed-tech, Health care, Gambling, Fin-Tech, Ecommerce and Gaming
Your next voice idea, or brand.
We care deeply about helping you tackle your biggest challenges and turn your vision into reality.

We believe technology & design together has the power to create transformation change

From the word go, we did things differently. Instead of a gruelling, up-or-out career, we offered balance and sanity (much needed in this day and age). We value work-life balance and believe that balance brings out the best in you both professionally and personally.
Inclusion & Diveristy
We embrace a diversity of people and views. This makes us better and means better outcomes for our clients.
Our Core Values

Our core values are an active part of everything we do. Each one reminds us to stay true to ourselves while driving amazing outcomes for our products and clients.

Yin and Yang

We believe that balance is a very crucial part in almost every aspect of what we build. We believe that things exist cause the other opposite exist.

A Closed Circuit

People have a propensity to spend more time when lots of choices are given which creates frustration. We make sure that we reduce that paradox of choice, by selecting the best preferred choices.

Invisible design.

Every product should naturally foster human perceptions. Either it’s physical or digital, they should feel natural and familiar to use.

Design is the bridge between humans and machines

Us at Revox spend a great deal of time trying to craft products that humans naturally feel familiar.

Inspire passion and adventure.

We continuously inspire and motivate our teams to find their true capabilities and passion. To start something thats owned and managed by them.

Built from scratch.
Built with love.

Pasindu Hatanachchige
Co-Founder / Managing Partner
Dinuka Hatanachchige
Co-Founder / Managing Partner
Kevin (Taeyoon) Jin
Managing Partner / Chief Technology Officer
Praveena Sarathchandra
Head of Technology and Research
John Perera
Head of Game Development
Roshan De Selfa
Head of Art
Anura Jayantha  
Head of Finance
Lochlin Vincent
Human Resources

Memories and stories
we've shared.

Main Sponsor for one of the biggest Sri Lankan musical Event.
Revox Accessibility
Celebrating equal access for the internet and technology.
Revox Dansala
Ice cream give-away gave smiles to over 4,000 people around the city.

We have a thriving office and a friendly team of experts to assist you.

Sri Lanka.

217B,Stanely Thilakerathne Mawatha,
Nugegoda 10250,
Sri Lanka.
+94 11 281 2917


350 Huntington Avenue,
Massachusetts 02115,
United States of America.
+1 332 2424 298